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May 2016

Toy Story

To say I enjoy a good wank is a bit of an understatement, and seeing as this is #MasturbationMonth I thought I should write about my favourite topic.

Like most kids growing up, I quickly learned, applied and followed a masturbation routine which sounded more like a doctor’s advice for taking medication – wank twice a day during the week, three times a day at weekends – a routine which I still follow when my sexual droughts seem to stretch twice around the world, and even when they don’t.

Either way, I’ve become quite an expert at getting myself off in a variety of ways, scenarios and time limits; whether it’s a speed wank with 10 minutes to spare or enough edging to burst a blood vessel, I’ve got it covered.

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Horn Waffle

As I’m sure you’ve probably realised, my blogging habits are a little haphazard. Like everything I do, I have plans and then I overthink them and then I get nagged by self-doubt and then I stop.

Likewise you’ve probably realised, at least if you follow me on Twitter and Tumblr, that I’m a strange mix of geek, pervert, Dom, kinkster, role-player, nerd and self-doubting, anxiety-suffering, alcoholic nut-bar. And if you didn’t realise that before – well, now you do. Continue reading “Horn Waffle”

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