As I’m sure you’ve probably realised, my blogging habits are a little haphazard. Like everything I do, I have plans and then I overthink them and then I get nagged by self-doubt and then I stop.

Likewise you’ve probably realised, at least if you follow me on Twitter and Tumblr, that I’m a strange mix of geek, pervert, Dom, kinkster, role-player, nerd and self-doubting, anxiety-suffering, alcoholic nut-bar. And if you didn’t realise that before – well, now you do.

When I started blogging, and indeed created my Twitter alter-ego (first called “Mr Bull” – yikes) I thought I’d use these opportunities to explore my purely sexual side; to dive into my kinks and fantasies, no matter how filthy, and leave it at that. I don’t think I ever saw myself becoming another of those faceless people who act Dom online and yet show no signs of personality beyond a suit-wearing cliché, but I thought I’d focus more on being a sexual deviant then it turned out I did.

The thing I came to realise was that the people I met on Twitter – BlancoGoGo, BustyMermaid, RG and others – were real people and through contact with them my natural personality and traits couldn’t help but appear. Everyone I met was certainly open about their sexual interests which inspired me to do the same, but they were also real people with real personalities and by chatting to them I realised the solo Dom act just wasn’t for me, I liked to interact as me. Sure, I might still talk/write about my masturbation habits and sexual past, but I did so in-between stating that I fancy the pants off Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim Versus The World and eating bacon sandwiches.

As I came to settle into this way of life, I realised that Silver Lined Secrets wasn’t really the appropriate name to be blogging under. I still like it as a name, and I’ll be keeping it because I think I’ll find another use for it down the line, possibly for fiction, but it feels a little too like the old Dom Act and not enough like the real me, which is why I’ve invented this new blog and will be transporting much of my stuff over there.

Hence – Horn Waffle.

Don’t ask me where the name came from (I have a strange ability to coin weird phrases) but as soon it struck me, Horn Waffle seemed way more appropriate than SLS. I can still talk about the things I want to talk about in the way I want to talk about them without feeling like I’m messing up the original idea behind my original blog.

Long story, short – I’ve opened up a new Blog where I’ll be writing most of my blog posts, but I may continue using the old one to post fiction. Or I’ll use the other secret blog I have to do that and just leave this to opinion-pieces and random splurges. Either way, I’m still the same old horny Barnum, I just come with more waffle.