RocketHo – ly FUCK.

If ever there was a week to go down in history for Barnum’s Most Intense Sexual Exploration Experience, it must surely be this one.

Fuck the previous ones. The fleshlight and vibrating masturbation sleeves were good, but this is bed-rocking, firework-banging, blow-me-not-just-to-the-moon-but-out-of-the-fucking-solar-system good. I shall be marking it in the calendar and celebrating it for the rest of my days.

Jesus Maloney.

This is just a mini-post because I can barely think straight. My mind is alternately reeling, sagging and snap, crackle and popping with pleasure after a 4 hour session which has left me desperate for the most intense, dirty, brutal fuck of my life.

I need some time to calm down.