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September 2016

Sunday Swig


It may not seem particularly sinful (hence why I’m not officially submitting it to #SinfulSunday), but a swig or five of alcohol and a DVD isn’t a bad way to end a Sunday.

I Spy… – Sinful Sunday

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Silencer – Chapter Three



This was supposed to be the last part, however I think there’s one more chapter to go. 

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Every thrust was carefully considered, each twist of his finger purposeful and controlled. He took her gently at first, allowing them both to enjoy the sensation, then drove deeper and faster once she began pushing back onto his hand. Their rhythm found, Jonathan pressed the tip of another finger to her cunt and smiled as she spread deliciously around its length.

Alice gasped at the new sensation, spreading her legs while he controlled, teased and played with her. She closed her eyes. She bit her lip. She tightened her grip on the shelves until her knuckles turned white. But she did not break. She remained focused, determined and always – always – kept herself facing forwards.

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