This was supposed to be the last part, however I think there’s one more chapter to go. 

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Every thrust was carefully considered, each twist of his finger purposeful and controlled. He took her gently at first, allowing them both to enjoy the sensation, then drove deeper and faster once she began pushing back onto his hand. Their rhythm found, Jonathan pressed the tip of another finger to her cunt and smiled as she spread deliciously around its length.

Alice gasped at the new sensation, spreading her legs while he controlled, teased and played with her. She closed her eyes. She bit her lip. She tightened her grip on the shelves until her knuckles turned white. But she did not break. She remained focused, determined and always – always – kept herself facing forwards.

This is too easy, he decided, drawing his fingers together and pushing them into her. He waited until they were fully inside, straight and deep, then spread them apart and drew back, opening her on the backwards stroke.

The reaction was instantaneous, the heat of her cunt grew. At that clawing stroke she soaked both his hand and her pretty white knickers, now pushed to one side and offering the barest glimpse of her swollen cunt, then bent further forwards to offer him a better view. It was a secret sight, one that only he could see, and one that made him ache.

Alice twisted her hips, rocking furiously and fucking his fingers the moment he stopped pulling. He waited, brought his fingers together, and ran them both inside again, repeating the movement – spreading and pulling back, drawing together and thrusting hard – over and over while she took great, heaving breaths that made her body spasm and twitch. He was about to drive in a fourth time when he caught sight of something, something from the corner of his eye, and stopped.

Something dark had moved just a short distance away. Something like a shadow. He paused and turned his head, looking across the tops of yellowed pages, and dusty covers for some clue as to their whereabouts. They were not in the next aisle, he knew that, but the one beyond?

Yes, he saw them there, their back towards him while studying titles on the opposite side. Without hesitation, he drew his fingers from Alice and grabbed her hips, pulling her around with speed and force, pinning her against the shelf so she faced the direction of the unsuspecting browser.

She tried to turn his way, momentarily forgetting her rigid determination, then heard his belt unbuckle and felt his hand on her chin, fingers still wet and warm from her cunt, turning her to peer through the shelves until she saw the shadow too, and this time she was unable to stop a low moan rising from her throat.