I heard a song a while ago,

“50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.”

With a tip of hat

I wrote a poem like that,

Called “50 Ways To Fuck Each Other”.

Starting in the bedroom,

You can call it ‘Making Love’.

That’s far enough for many

But if you grow out of

It, try to call it ‘Shagging’,

‘Screwing’ or a ‘Fuck’.

Call it ‘Hide The Sausage”,

Though I doubt you’ll get much luck.

You can move it to the kitchen,

The living room or hall.

You can do it on the stairs

Just be careful not to fall.

You can fuck each other twice.

You can fuck each other thrice.

Go all day long,

If fit and strong,

And add a little spice.

Dress each other up.

Dress each other down.

Try dressing as a nurse,

A teacher or a clown.

Don’t just use your cunt.

Don’t just use your cock.

Fingers, lips,

Tongues and tits.

Make your partner rock.

You can do it in the dark.

With a stranger. In the park!

You can turn the lights on bright

Or hide behind a mask.

Then there are the toys!

Oh, the many joys.

Dildos, plugs, beads and chains,

Ropes, rings – paddles for pain.

Become a Dom, become a Daddy.

Become a sub or a saddy.

Let pain and pleasure

Merge as one

As masochist, or as some

Tease each other wearing lace,

Stockings, boots, and in case

That’s not enough there’s lots to learn

About the words to make them squirm.

Choke your partner.

Share their pleasure:

Swinging, dogging,

There’s no measure.

Threesomes, gangs,

There’s even cucking.

Let others watch

As you get fucking.

Screw each other senseless.

Screw what others think!

It’s too much fun,

Making others cum,

No matter what your kink.

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