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Lazing On A Sunny Afternoon – Sinful Sunday #321

I certainly don’t have a stately home (although the tax man takes his fair share of dough), but The Kinks were right about one thing –

“…I love to live so pleasantly
Live this life of luxury
Lazing on a sunny afternoon

In the summertime…”

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Play Time – Sinful Sunday #308

This week’s photo follows my two previous Sinful Sunday posts – the final part of a three picture set in many ways.

It’s a candid shot which explains the mess on the table and the cables behind the bed, and it’s probably the most explicit photo I’ve taken so far, but to me it sums up what weekends are for.

Play Time.jpg

Sinful Sunday

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Choices – Sinful Sunday #307

When you’re home alone and have multiple toys to pick, sometimes it’s hard to choose.

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Hold Tight – Sinful Sunday #306

I’m staying in a house by myself this week (well, bar the two dogs I’m here to look after) which means being able to indulge in my favourite past-time with no need to rush or to be quiet. As you can see, I took control of the situation, and myself, with a firm grip.

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Who Ya Gonna Call? Sinful Sunday

Feels like a looong time since I did one of these. Naturally I decided to return in full geek style…

I didn’t actually realise there was a prompt, but if you wanted to say that my “Proton Pack” was minimalist I guess that might just about make me eligible…

Oh, and although I’d be delighted in receiving a dozen calls asking for my services, I suspect the answer to the question would probably be –

“Who Ya Gonna Call?

Somebody else!”


Sinful Sunday

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Sunday Swig


It may not seem particularly sinful (hence why I’m not officially submitting it to #SinfulSunday), but a swig or five of alcohol and a DVD isn’t a bad way to end a Sunday.

I Spy… – Sinful Sunday

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Unsexy Ukulele

This isn’t even remotely sexy unless, like me, you find music and instruments and lighting absolutely sexy (in which case I applaud you), but I’ve been playing around with my new camera and my favourite ukulele and although it ain’t all that sensual, I quite like it as an image. Continue reading “Unsexy Ukulele”

Keep Quiet – Sinful Sunday

Taking a pinch of inspiration from my Wicked Wednesday short story – a tale set in the silence of a library – I thought I’d stick with the theme of books and the need to stay quiet for my Sinful Sunday entry.

I ummed and ahhed about which book to use – Did I make a joke of it with my copy of Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman, or perhaps The Dark Tower by Stephen King? The position of the book and the title opened up endless possibilities and I love a cheeky joke. Continue reading “Keep Quiet – Sinful Sunday”

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